Do you suffer from brittle nails?

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Signs and symptoms of brittle nails
Nails that tend to split at the ends.
Peeling at the nail tip.
Easy breaking, cracking or chipping.
Horizontal ridging down the nail bed – Beau’s lines.
Difficulty growing nails altogether.


What are some causes of brittle nails?

Frequent hand washing

A deficiency in Vitamin B complex, calcium and Zinc


Hypothyroidism – low thyroid levels can cause more than just brittle nails, you might also notice fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, thinning hair, memory problems, depression and constipation.

Raynaud‘ s syndrome – This disease causes circulation problems in the extremities. When the smaller arteries in the hands and feet narrow, those extremities might feel cold and numb and this can also affect the nail health.

Anemia – low Iron levels can cause your nails to be brittle. You may also experience fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, cracks in the side of your mouth or frequent infections.

Things you can do to treat brittle nails

Reduce water exposure by wearing gloves

Stay hydrated – Staying hydrated with water as well as water-riche healthy foods like watermelon and cucumbers is a great way to moisturise your nails, skin and hair from the inside.

Use a natural hand cream – try keeping a hand cream beside the sink, so you can quickly apply after washing and drying your hand to avoid your nails becoming brittle. Lotion with lavender, frankincense and peppermint oils would be ideal.

Avoid a harsh nail polish (often) – most nail polish removers are loaded with chemicals and tend to dry out finger nails and toe nails. They often contain highly toxic chemicals including acetone, formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates.

Try a cuticle cream

Biotin (B7) – foods that contain significant amounts of biotin include almonds, eggs, sweet potato, onion, tomato and oats.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E capsules are inexpensive and can be an effective way to help the condition of your nails, and a perfect treatment for brittle nails. Puncture the capsule and place a little oil onto the nail and rub in. It’s easy and highly potent and rejuvenating treatment.

Do not wear artificial nails- If your nails are brittle you then most definitely want to pass on the fake nail. It will only make the problem worse.

Most of the time brittle nails are just unpleasant to look at and aren’t anything serious. However, they can be a sign of something else going on with your health. Brittle nails can mean iron deficiency and thyroid issues, if you have any of these symptoms, please seek medical advice from your doctor.

Other nail symptoms-
Changes in nail shape such as curled nails- iron deficiency, lung, heart, liver, thyroid, kidney disease.

Thinning or thickening of the Nail- Psoriasis, poor circulation, fungal infection, injury

Changes  in nail colour, such as discolouration of the entire nail or dark streak under the nail- Splinter haemorrhage (if you cant remember when you might have cause trauma to your nail, then consult your doctor as splinter haemorrhage can be the sign of a more serious health issue.

Swelling or pain around the nails- paronychia.

Separation of the nail from the surrounding skin-  onycholysis – a fungal infection or psoriasis, can cause this to happen.

Bio Sculpture

Our Bio Sculpture damage free system nurtures and protects the natural nail without the use of nasty dehydrating chemicals.


A nail treatment that lasts longer than regular polish with a glossy finish. It is a combination of gel and regular polish and offers a water-resistant seal among nail protection and is less damaging to nails.

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