Brighten up your day and experience the power of light with

Bio-Synthesis™ LED Light Therapy

A Total Skin Rejuvenation Solution

A light therapy treatment that utilizes powerful LED lights to correct skin imperfections.

Bio-Synthesis™ technology takes the power of light therapy to the next level to correct even more skin imperfections in one place than ever before. Specifically formulated, Bio-Synthesis™ treatments use over 4000 LED lights in a combination of red, yellow, green and blue to make an exclusive blend of skin perfecting light therapy.

What is it?

Bio-Synthesis™ is your secret weapon

The effective Bio-Synthesis™ LED system operates using 4 different types of colored light therapy paired with revolutionary Suzuki Technology™ for greater coverage.


How does it work?

Targeted light therapy

Our skilled skin therapists will conduct a detailed consultation to match your skin concerns with a targeted LED treatment. It’s simply the secret to skin that looks and feels radiant.


  • Blue light works to reduce acne causing bacteria, clear skin and reduce congestion
  • Red light increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, encouraging the renewal and revitalisation of ageing skin
  • Green light targets skin tone correction and detoxifies the skin to reduce redness and irritation
  • Yellow light boosts the skins collagen production capacity, resulting in rejuvenated and younger looking skin


Consult First, Treatment Later

For all our skin treatments a consult is important so we can get an understanding of your medical history and your skin concerns. We use this time to educate you on treatments available and discuss why you may be having these skin concerns. We also need to determine what is happening from within and work on the immune system to help support any treatments decided upon as we move forward to empowering you with your best skin yet.

After a 45 minute consultation, we can recommend the best treatment and create a plan tailored for you. Your consultation fee is redeemable on your treatment.

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Which treatment is right for you?

Hydrating Chromatic Facial

LED Light Therapy Facials all include a full cleanse, exfoliation, tone and application of an accelate concentrate and cream to effectively target your specific skin concerns.

Calming Chromatic Facial

Improves rosacea flairs. Reduces redness. Boost immune system and relaxes nervous system. Targets hormonal Hyperpigmentation . Decreases inflammation by encouraging circulation. Increases dermal thickness and hydration. Clinical studies indicate 590nm yellow LED light increase collagen production by 28% and slows degradation by as much as 4%

Age - Defying Chromatic Facial

Increases blood and lymph circulation – Increases collagen synthesis and healing- Supports firming and toning- reduces pore size- stimulates release of ATP – Energy source for DNA replication, cell metabolic rate, cell oxygen and respiration.

Brightening Chromatic Facial

Improves rosacea flairs, reduces redness, self regenerating, nourishing, targets hyperpigmentation, detoxifies skin by reducing irritation and sensitivity, calms skin post IPL treatments.

Acne clearing Chromatic Facial

80% improvement in acne. 10% better results than using Benzyl Peroxide. Damages and kills bacteria. Slows sebaceous activity. Applications for 3 consecutive days proven to reduce acne by 99.99%

Before and After


For maximum results, and for long term maintenance, it’s important to combine your Bio-Synthesis™ LED treatment with home care and after care that supports your skin, and keeps your skin looking good and feeling great.

Treatment Frequency

  • For optimal results, we recommend a treatment series of 6 to 8, performed twice a week
  • No more than 4 days apart is recommended for optimal results
  • Monthly maintenance is recommended to maintain desired results

Pre Treatment
To ensure you achieve the best results possible, an appropriate homecare routine should be incorporated alongside your treatment plan. We liken treatments and skin care to going to the dentist for a clean, and then not brushing your teeth at home; 70% of the results you obtain are achieved by what you do daily and consistently.

Your clinician will provide you with an appropriate home care prescription as part of your treatment plan.

Post Treatment

  • Avoid exercise, excessive sweating, hot showers, spas, saunas and pools for 24 hours post treatment
  • Apply SPF 30 everyday
  • A routine including a gentle cleanser, hydrating serum and gentle moisturiser is recommended the day and
    evening of treatment



What is a LED Facial Treatment?

LED treatments with Bio-SynthesisTM utilises over 4000 powerful LED lights-blue, red, green and yellow – which are switched from colour to colour depending on the course of treatment required. These target a diverse range of common skin concerns including acne, congestion, redness, pigmentation, uneven tone and texture, fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing on the face, neck and décolletage.

Are LED Facials suitable for me?

Treatments are suitable for all skin types and concerns and will be customised for you based on your individual skin needs. After your skin consultation we will recommend the right treatment plan for you, and assess your suitability for LED.

How many treatments are required before I can see results?

Most LED clients will experience a visible improvement from their first treatment. To achieve optimal results, we recommend a series of 6-8 LED Facials. During your consultation we will be able to determine your exact treatment plan.

How long do LED treatments take?

While most clients will spend 20 minutes under the Bio-SynthesisTM LED device during their facial, LED treatments are often combined with other facial services to enhance treatment outcomes. Ask us today for more information about the LED Facial services we provide.

Can Bio-SynthesisTM LED treatments be combined with other technology services?

LED makes an ideal addition to other technology enhanced facials and can be combined with services such as microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion and oxygen facials.

What does the Blue Light LED target?

Our Blue Light LED works to reduce acne causing bacteria, clear skin and reduce congestion.

What does the Red Light LED target?

Our Red Light LED increases blood circulation and lymphatic flow, encouraging the renewal and revitalisation of ageing skin.

What does the Green Light LED target?

Our Green Light LED targets skin tone correct and detoxifies the skin to reduce redness and irritation.

What does the Yellow Light LED target?

Our Yellow Light LED works to boost the skin’s collagen production capacity to naturally heal and rejuvenate.