Herbal Aktiv Peel

Ideal natural solution to perfect glowing skin.

New Skin in Just Days

Give your self-esteem a natural high

Skin resurfacing is a well-documented and accepted method for improving skin’s appearance and resolving difficult skin conditions. This treatment replaces dermabrasion, acid peels and heat.

Herbal Aktiv Peel uses a unique patented formula of dried, crushed herbs to slough away skin revealing plump new energised skin.

What is it?

Herbal Aktiv Peel® is a plant based natural corrective treatment that works with the skin’s own natural renewal processes of regeneration. It is designed to support & speed up this natural process, visibly improving the appearance of skin. Herbal Aktiv Peel® is an effective treatment that can deliver “New Skin in 5 Days”.


  • Medically proven
  • Herbal skin resurfacing
  • Pure plant based ingredients
  • No synthetic acids or chemicals
  • Over 50 years of worldwide success
  • Professional only treatment
  • Suitable for most skin types & conditions


Herbal Aktiv Peel® works safely and effectively to obtain ‘New Skin in 5 Days’. Your skin will be noticeably firmer, renewed, revitalised & refreshed. With the Herbal Aktiv Peel® you will not have to compromise on safety or cause injury to your skin to achieve long lasting results.

It has shown remarkable success in improving the appearance of:

  • Pigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged or blocked pores
  • Congestion
  • Scarring
  • Redness
  • Age spots
  • Lines & wrinkles

Untouched Before & Afters

How does it work?
While ablative light-based treatments are highly effective they can weaken the skin’s pilosebaceous units and give the skin a pale “plastic look” if overused. Herbal peels work from the opposite end of the spectrum. The skin naturally renews itself every 28- 35 days and the Herbal Aktiv Peel® can significantly shorten this natural renewal process.

The initial peeling treatment takes one hour and is performed by Sharyn Thompson – qualified aesthetic therapist. An immediate improvement is evident at this stage, you will leave the salon with your skin having a glow similar to what we see after a workout at the gym.

The skin feels tight and when it is touched, you can feel tiny herbal particles embedded in the skin. These herbal particles are crucial to the success of the treatment and will dissolve in the skin over the next two days.

In this process they release their bioactive properties which include vitamins, minerals, trace elements and anti-oxidants.

Unlike chemical peels which have a short ­term action and only reach the top layers of the skin, actives contained in Herbal Aktiv Peel® are released over an extended period of time and are therefore available to the skin for a much longer duration.The concentrated components of the potent, medicinal-grade herbs are released slowly to resurface and rejuvenate the skin, accounting for a superior outcome.

Contributing to the safety of the Herbal Aktiv Peel® is the fact that the skin surface is not broken. The old skin maintains its protective barrier function whilst the new skin regenerates. The old skin will slough away naturally when the new skin has reached maturity. This stage happens usually on day three or day four and lasts for 24 hours.

The Herbal Aktiv Peel® provides a unique, effective and progressive exfoliation that has been found to significantly improve the appearance of a range of skin concerns. The new skin isn’t weakened but rather supported by minerals, vitamins and antioxidant-rich herbal ingredients that support and strengthen its natural functions for optimal skin health and integrity.

Which treatment is right for you?

Herbal Aktiv Peel® harnesses the power of herbs to offer three distinct treatments:

Beauty Peel
Visibly Beautiful Skin

Herbal Aktiv B Peel

No Downtime

No Visible Peeling


5 Treatment Options

Larger Area

Suitable for All Skins

Phyto Peel
A Treat for all Skin Types

Herbal Aktiv P Peel

There are four targeted treatments to choose from:



Phyto Clear

Phyto Restore*

*Phyto Restore is a stand alone treatment

Corrective Peel
Glowing Beauty

Herbal Aktiv C Peel

No Toxins

No Acids

No Silicone

No Harsh Chemicals

No Synthetic Peeling

Natural Botanicals

1 Day Fresh Skin with the new BPeel

Herbal Aktiv Beauty Peel (BPEEL™) is a natural peeling procedure for skin regeneration based on a mixture of natural herbs.

It provides immediate glowing plumped skin with no down time or visible peeling.

Its unique composition is completely free from chemicals, synthetic binders and abrasives and therefore there are no toxic side effects.

The special blend contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, phytohormones, mineral salts, tannins and trace elements.

BPeel™ treatment is an easily performed, regenerative treatment that is a gentle yet highly effective facial procedure.

This one-day procedure is a natural kick-starter to great looking skin

The treatment:

  • Helps to activate skin’s metabolism
  • Helps improve skin’s microcirculation
  • Activates skin’s repair mechanisms through targeted, controlled irritation
  • Skin is optimally prepared and receptive for subsequent products and treatments
  • Improves skin complexion without visible signs of peeling

It is great as:

  • A preventative anti-aging treatment (also for hands, neck and décolletage)
  • A fast and extremely effective regenerative treatment
  • An ideal intense quick pick-me-up treatment to keep skin looking flawless.

Recommended course of treatment: One BPeel™ will make a visible difference, a course of six treatments over six weeks is recommended for long-term results. Herbal Aktiv Peel BPeel™ is not a replacement to the CPeel™ treatment but a complimentary procedure to help maintain and enhance healthy skin.

More information found on the Herbal Aktiv Peel Website

Herbal Aktiv Peel Treatment

The Ultimate Treat for all Skin Types

Alex Cosmetics Phyto™ Treatments

Whether it’s the early onset of wrinkles and/or pigmentation, or the pesky problem of breakouts and skin sensitivity – Phyto Treatment Mini Peel (PPEEL™) is your saviour.

The PPeel™ is a gentle treatment with natural herbs and enzymes similar to a strong micro-dermabrasion procedure. There is one key difference: no harmful micro-injuries are inflicted on the skin’s delicate acid mantle that means no redness, irritation or sensitivity.

In fact, the PPeel™ is so gentle that it’s safe for pregnant women or those prone to sensitive skin and can easily be repeated every fortnight. It’s the ultimate quickfix skin treatment to achieve a smoother, plumper complexion.


There are four targeted treatments to choose from


Energizer Facial Treatmentsun damaged & ageing skin

The Energizer is a power-packed facial treatment designed to stimulate microcirculation and revitalise sluggish skin showing signs of premature aging. Highly suitable for skin that is sallow, in need of oxygenation, and sluggish skin showing signs of premature ageing.

facial Treatment for Sensitive Skin
for sensitive skin

Sensitised skin needs to be treated with extra care. The Calm treatment is ideal for skin displaying signs of redness, couperose (a permanently pink complexion), inflammation or sensitivity. It helps to gently stimulate and rebalance sensitised skins without aggravation or irritation.

Detoxing Facial Treatment
for impure skin

This is a detoxing treatment suitable for impure, congested and acneic skins suffering from hyperkeratinisation. It aids in the decongestion of blocked pores and helps to reduce excess oil flow.

Revitilizing Facial Treatment for Mature Skin
for mature skin

This is a revitalising, firming treatment suitable for mature, sun damaged and prematurely aged skins. It combines exfoliation of dead skin cells with deep stimulation and reinvigorates dull, lifeless and stressed skins. *Phyto Restore is a stand alone treatment and is not a substitute for the Herbal Aktiv C Peel™.

New Skin in 5 Days

Imagine glowing, clear and fresh skin in just Five Days. Now you can with the Herbal Aktiv CPeel™ – the unique skin resurfacing treatment based on natural botanicals.

That’s right – NO:

  • Toxins
  • Acids
  • Silicone
  • Harsh chemicals
  • No synthetic peeling ingredients


Consult First, Treatment Later

For all our skin treatments a consult is important so we can get an understanding of your medical history and your skin concerns. We use this time to educate you on treatments available and discuss why you may be having these skin concerns. We also need to determine what is happening from within and work on the immune system to help support any treatments decided upon as we move forward to empowering you with your best skin yet.

After a 45 minute consultation, we can recommend the best treatment and create a plan tailored for you. Your consultation fee is redeemable on your treatment.

Is this your first time to our clinic?

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The Herbal Aktiv Peel® is performed by specially trained aestheticians in a professional environment. Treatments are monitored and need to be repeated in weekly intervals.

Day 1

Herbal Aktiv Peel® is applied at your accredited salon. Skin will appear flush

Day 2

Use prescribed home care products diligently – skin looks normal

Day 3

Continue to use home care products – first signs of peeling may appear

Day 4

Noticeable peeling of skin. You may want to stay at home on this day. Continue to apply home care products and DO NOT be tempted to peel skin manually. Let it shed naturally

Day 5

Return to clinic for post treatment and enjoy the reveal of your new skin


What happens after the Herbal Aktiv Peel®? To achieve the best possible results from your Herbal Aktiv Peel® a professional skin care treatment is recommended.

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