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Dr. Spiller, a true biomimetic skincare range.

Dr. Spiller creams use the best biomimetic ingredients and are formulated to mimic the skin’s natural protective layer as closely as possible.

Biomimetics, the way of the future.

Dr Spiller’s Biomimetic SkinCare range with its unique HY-TECTM emulsion system ensures that the skin remains hydrated, all day long. In this environment, skin-friendly active ingredients can develop their full potential for a healthy, radiant and youthful appearance. Dr. Spiller actives are expertly formulated in exclusive carrier systems to deliver essential and precious nutrients that support cellular activity and function.

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Our skin is designed to renew, heal and balance itself naturally, every day. ‘A living organ’, our skin protects, regulates, breathes and even produces its own moisturiser.

Great skin cannot be achieved by force. Regular application of acids or other harsh ingredients will leave the skin in a constant state of micro-inflammation. When the natural environment of the skin becomes compromised, integrity and function become impaired.

Dr. Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care provides an optimum environment for skin renewal and natural balance. By working it with what it needs, a harmonious eco-system is sustained to combat and manage effectively the five main skin concerns: ageing pigmentation, dehydration, sensitised and breakout-prone conditions.

In cosmetics, it refers to the imitation of biological processes found in the skin.

The concept of ‘natural skin care’ is taken to a new level of gentleness, effectiveness and results – not just ‘natural ingredients’ mixed into a cream, but formulated in a way that imitates the conditions found on young healthy skin.

For over 50 years, Dr. Spiller Biomimetic laboratories have been based in the Bavarian Alps. Unique, exclusive and results driven products have equipped and guided thousands of skin specialists worldwide to provide their clients with a total skin soloution. Inspired by nature, developed with science and formulated by experts, Dr. Spiller Biomimetic range ensures complete innovation.

Is your cream truly Biomimetic?


  1. Leave a pearl size amount of your favourite moisturiser exposed to the air for two to three days.
  2. Do the same with a Dr. Spiller Biomimetic moisturiser.
  3. After three days of exposure, compare the results.

You will find that Dr. Spiller cream will retain its moisturiser content, exactly in the same way it will retain moisture when applied to your skin.

Perform the water retention test and see for yourself.


Consult First, Treatment Later

For all our skin treatments a consult is important so we can get an understanding of your medical history and your skin concerns. We use this time to educate you on treatments available and discuss why you may be having these skin concerns. We also need to determine what is happening from within and work on the immune system to help support any treatments decided upon as we move forward to empowering you with your best skin yet.

After a 45 minute consultation, we can recommend the best treatment and create a plan tailored for you. Your consultation fee is redeemable on your treatment.

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The overwhelming majority of skin creams on the market are water-based. Oil-based creams, whilst common in the medical field, are rarely found on cosmetic counters.

Oil-based creams have largely been ignored in the cosmetic field. This is no surprise when a leading US dermatologist states that ‘sebum serves no known purpose’. In Europe however, the importance of sebum and the acid mantle as well as skin-friendly oils in cosmetics has been subject to numerous scientific and medical studies.

Here are some of the results when water-based creams were compared with oil-based creams.

Numerous studies have been conducted into this property of skin creams. It is universally accepted that oil-based creams offer longer lasting and better hydration of the skin compared to water-based creams. In their paper three dermatologists from Karlsruhe University in Germany measure hydration of water-based creams in minutes whilst oil-based creams ensured hydration for hours.

The importance of healthy levels of hydration have long been ignored or at least underestimated. For one, dehydration of the skin leads to inflammation and two, the formation of free radicals. It is one of the main causes of skin aging. But furthermore, even the best active ingredients cannot develop their full potential in skin suffering from dehydration. Think of spreading seed (your active ingredient) in a parched field (your dehydrated skin).

Italian researchers completed a 12-month study comparing water-based creams and oil-based creams. As expected, their study confirmed the theory of hydration of the skin. They found the levels of elasticity of the skin were significantly improved with the use of oil-based cream. No effect on skin elasticity was found with water-based cream.

Today’s cosmetic formulators have a vast array of potent active ingredients with scientifically proven efficacy at their disposal. These ingredients usually form the backbone of the marketing message for cosmetic products. Formulators know that delivery of these actives into the skin is difficult and sometimes near impossible. A study conducted by a leading German cosmetic chemist found that oil-based creams deliver 120% more of alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E) into the skin compared with water-based creams. During our training an alert aesthetician pointed out that alpha tocopherol is an oil-soluble ingredient which might explain the result. However, another German study with urea, a water-soluble ingredient, confirms that, again, an oil-based cream is the only option if you want the ingredient to reach the area in the skin where it will be of benefit.

The term ‘biomimetic’ refers to the concept of copying life’s processes. The use of biomimetic ideas generally lead to superior results.

I have already mentioned the two biomimetic chemicals found in the skin’s acid mantle, alpha tocopherol and urea. It should be noted that both alpha tocopherol and urea are biomimetic ingredients that are found in the acid mantle, the skin’s natural protective layer. Our acid mantle – the combination of sebum, perspiration and NMFs (natural moisturizing factors) – is an oil-based emulsion. Sebum forms the outside phase which is logical.

If water (perspiration) was is on the outside it evaporates almost immediately. The well-known cosmetic chemist and author Florence Barrett-Hill refers to this as ‘oil sitting on top of water’.

A cream based on biomimetic principles doesn’t just include biomimetic ingredients, however valuable they may be. To be a true biomimetic cream it must be formulated along water-in-oil principles, i.e. it must be an oil-based cream – just like the skin’s natural acid mantle. Why do we see so few oil-based creams? Using commonly available technology such creams must contain high levels of oils, making them less attractive to today’s consumer. Many years ago Dr. Horst Spiller developed proprietary formulation technology that allows his biomimetic creams to be produced with significantly lower levels of oils. They offer all the advantages of oil-based creams without the ‘glug’ of regular oil-based creams.

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